• Run Coach

    Personal Training for Runners and Triathletes!

    Don’t make the mistake of assuming that success in running or triathlon comes simply from logging miles. Even a minimal commitment to a strength and flexibility program can reap huge rewards. Let us show you how to become more explosive at the start of races and to finish faster in longer events. By strengthening your core and tapping into neglected muscle groups, you’ll improve your balance, see your form become more efficient and, most importantly, help protect yourself from injury.

    Whether it’s the off-season or the peak of your racing calendar, we’ll help you set the right goals and make the most of the time you have left in your busy schedule. Many endurance athletes report that the proper strength program actually allows them to decrease the amount of training they do on the trails or in the pool.

    Become faster and go farther than you thought possible. Contact us for more information on how to unlock your body’s full potential. Ask about the following:

    • Enhancing range of motion while swimming, biking and running
    • Improving joint integrity, stabilization and mobility
    • Increasing your VO2 Max
    • Decreasing knee, hip, ankle or shoulder pain

    Our rates

    Running Coach Rates: 3 sessions for $199

    Program Rates:

    • 13 Sessions- $99 Per
    • 26 Sessions- $94 Per
    • 52 Sessions- $89Per
    • 104 Sessions- $81 per

    Payment plans are available.  Pay in full and save 10%!

    There are no additional hidden fees in our advertised rates.