• About Us

    Perfect Fit has been helping Washingtonians achieve their fitness goals since 1993. Services include personal training, core-boxing, corporate/residential wellness, to name but a few.

    We believe functional training is the key to fitness success. What is “functional training”? First and foremost, 90% of the exercise movements in our training sessions are machine- free! The way we see it, most of you sit at your desk all day. There’s no point in coming to the gym to “exercise” when most trainers and exercise programs put you right back in the same posture (“sitting”) you were in for thelast 8-9 hours of your day. Instead, we literally have you exercise on your feet and move in different planes of motion. This way, we engage different muscle groups per movement and burn 2-3 times more calories than sitting in “old school” machines.

    Traditional personal training calls for a client to perform a set and then sit around for 2-4 minutes before attempting a second set. We do not subscribe to this thinking. We want our clients to burn as many calories as possible per session! Therefore, we move through a series of movements with minimal rest. The workout is altered for anyone with restricted range of motion and/or “time away” from exercising.